Japan – Spain Art & Culture Exchange Project
Supporting “The One Flower Festival” 

Honorary Producer;Shigeaki Hinohara
Chair,the Board of  Trusteest.Luke’s International Hospital Tokyo

The concept of “The Festival of One Flower” is based on the children’s book , “Hitotsu no Hana”, “One Flower”, by Sukeyuki Imanishi. In this book Mr. Imanishi, who experienced war, tells, in a very gentle way, the importance of human life and peace through the life of a little girl who lived during the war. My eternal desire is for the children of the world to be in good health physically and mentally, as well as for a peaceful social environment in which they can grow and develop. These desires are expressed in the book in a unique and inseparable manner.

I sincerely hope that the people of Spain and Japan will share the joy of the art and culture in this exchange programme. Then, by this brief experience of happiness, everybody can reflect on leading their lives in peace.

I will give my full support to this small exchange programme and hope it will grow into an international friendship through which we can give some cheerful illumination to this absurd world.

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